Create your own custom campervan.

This catalogue is only a part of what we can build for you. We produce over a dozen completely custom campervans a year, we have experience in implementing the craziest ideas.

Create your own custom campervan.

This catalogue is only a part of what we can build for you. We produce over a dozen completely custom campervans a year, we have experience in implementing the craziest ideas.

Interior layout

The following 3 variants are our proposal for the interior layout depending on the size of the selected base. We also build completely non-standard layouts.

Without a bathroom

Ducato L2H2, Sprinter/Crafter/TGE Standard, High Roof

Bed across the van

Ducato L3H2/L4H2, Sprinter/Crafter/TGE Long, High Roof

Bed alongside the van

Sprinter/Crafter Long, High Roof


Any car


Parallel, flush fronts create a smooth surface. In the upper cabinets, we can omit the handles and get a smooth finish.


Bent plywood, open cabinets, aluminum structures or welded steel frames. We are ready for your unusual ideas and needs.


We have created our catalogue so that everyone can choose exactly what they need on the go. Are you going with your family for a comfortable holiday around Europe? Or maybe you don’t need a kitchen and a bathroom, because the car will be used for weekend bike trips? Standard is a unit with elements listed as STANDARD on the basis of the Ducato L3H2, Sprinter / Crafter / TGE standard length, high roof. By choosing the right options from the catalog, you will personalize the campervan to your individual needs.

Standard – 21700 EUR net / 26691 EUR gross

We priced our van build based on the L3H2 version for the following cars: Ducato / Jumper / Boxer / Master and the standard length version with a high roof for the: Sprinter / Crafter / TGE cars. If a different base is selected, we will price the build individually.
| custom – priced individually
When the build is made on the basis of a used vehicle, we will fix the corrosion and losses that have arisen earlier. We will also refresh the interior and get rid of traces of use of the cargo space. We will know the final cost of the fixes at the beginning of the work (it does not apply to brand new cars).
| custom – priced individually
Choose the print from the Vannado catalog. We will send you our current designs by e-mail.
| option – 345,45 EUR net / 424,9 EUR gross
You can order a custom-made wrapping, we will send you the prints to choose from.
| option – 636,36 EUR net / 783,9 EUR gross

Natural materials

It is a great challenge to build something that will help reduce our negative impact on the environment. We limit the use of laminates, plastic and imitation of what is natural. We use wood, which we conserve with oils of plant origin. We use natural materials sourced from local suppliers as much as possible. Finishing materials will be selected individually, their specification may change the total cost if we use non-standard solutions. Below is a list of the elements from which we will draw inspiration.

Standard: we cover pine or birch plywood with oil. Non-standard: we can choose from various veneers, Forbo furniture linoleum veneers, vinyl veneers, paints, varnishes or wood stains.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: we cover pine or birch plywood with oil.
Non-standard: we can choose from various veneers, Forbo furniture linoleum veneers, vinyl veneers, paints, varnishes or wood stains.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: we install wooden worktops made of plywood, which are secured with hard oil for kitchen worktops.
Non-standard: among many solutions, the most natural is a solid wood top with a natural edge. We also use plywood, stone veneer and composite tops.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: we install white kitchen tiles or vinyl panels in places exposed to dirt in the kitchen.

Non-standard: we can put a sheet of stainless steel there, powder-coat the aluminum in any color, choose a different shape of the tiles (e.g. hexagonal), use sheets of copper or checker plate. We can also apply UV printing on the steel or engrave any shape.

| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: we finish the floors with ecological linoleum based on resins and wood flour.
Non-standard: we also build floating wooden floors, finish with cork, put Forbo object linings (PVC and flotex). In our workshop, we have samples of over 120 materials, we will choose the one that best reflects the style of your camper van.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: cabinets in the kitchen, drawers under the bed and tall wardrobes are equipped with black metal lockers.
Non-standard: there are countless solutions and some of them can be very sophisticated. This is an important element – thanks to a good, rigid closure, you can enjoy the silence while travelling.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Upholstery material, with which we will finish the supporting frame at the back of the car, window and door frames. The possibilities are endless, but we use thick, durable, gray material as a standard. We only choose fabrics that are easy to clean.
| standard
Standard: we upholster the ceiling with the same material that we use for the walls and the frames.
Non-standard: we can also use oiled plywood, cover the ceiling with any vinyl, paint it with paint, oil or stain. Additionally, we can install decorative wooden strips on the ceiling. The slats can be made of solid wood or veneered light plywood, in this case we have about 80 veneers to choose from.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Standard: we upholster the ceiling with the same material that we use for the ceiling and the frames.
Non-standard: we can also use oiled plywood, cover the ceiling with any vinyl, paint it with paint, oil or stain. Additionally, we can install decorative wooden strips on the ceiling. The slats can be made of solid wood or veneered light plywood, in this case we have about 80 veneers to choose from.
| a non-standard solution is priced individually
Front and rear seats upholstered with selected material. There are a huge number of possible solutions, we can choose materials such as alcantara or high-quality artificial leather. You can also select the seam pattern, quilting, as well as the thickness and color of the thread.
| custom – priced individually

Basic elements

The elements listed below are standard in each of our campervans. Below you will find some information about what’s included.

The ceiling is made of plywood and finished according to your choice. This is where we install 2-zone dimmer-controlled lighting.
| standard
Wall panels made of plywood can be covered with a standard material or a completely custom one chosen by you.
| standard
Wall panels made of plywood can be covered with a standard material or a completely custom one chosen by you.
| standard 
Wall panels made of plywood can be covered with a standard material or a completely custom one chosen by you.
| standard
We install service furniture over the left wheel arch. In shorter cars, we fix the entire electrical installation there. In longer ones, there is space for additional compartments or equipment, such as a compressor or a washer.
| standard
Installation center in Vannado campervans. This is where we can install a boiler, gas box, battery, and in longer cars also the entire electrical installation.
| standard
A shallow cupboard hanging above the sliding door is the perfect place for small items. Here, we also install the the control panels for all of your campervan components.
| standard
Standard: The wall panel is equipped with sockets and covered with standard or completely custom materials selected by you.
| standard
The elements of the car frame around the sliding doors and rear doors are upholstered with the selected material.
| standard
The floor is made of 1 element. Layered structure of laminate, 25 mm XPS insulation and plywood, glued on a large-format vacuum press.
| standard

Places to sleep

Traveling in a camper van combines the possibility of experiencing an adventure with the comfort of being able to rest in your own house on wheels. We design all our vans so that the number and arrangement of sleeping places suit your needs.

A pop top roof is a solution mainly associated with VW California. We also install folding roofs in larger cars. This is the most comfortable sleeping solution – in combination with the standard double bed at the rear of the vehicle, it provides a comfortable place to sleep for 4 adults. Access to the roof is possible through an opening located behind the first row of seats, via a ladder. The price is approximate, depending on the car model and painting costs.
| option – 5318,2 EUR net / 6541,4 EUR gross
We will select the right tent for your car, there are many solutions to choose from. Installation of roof beams or a roof terrace with a ladder is also possible. The price is approximate, depending on the car model and painting costs.
| option – 1272,7 EUR net / 1565,5 EUR gross
A bed for 2 people mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The construction of the bed ensures good ventilation of the mattress.
| standard
Enlarging one side of the bed without interfering with the vehicle cover. This way, we extend the bed situated across the car by about 5-7 cm. You can choose to widen the bed on both sides.
| option – 119,3 EUR net / 146,8 EUR gross
Enlargement of the bed by widening the body of the vehicle. This way we can significantly increase the size of the bed. This solution is not available for all car models. The price does not include paintwork to match the body color and varies depending on the car model.
| option – 1022,7 EUR net / 1258 EUR gross
Removable bed structure consisting of 2 panels (for the bed situated across the van) or 3 panels (for the bed situated alongside the van). When more space in the trunk is needed for example to transport two bikes without folding the wheels or to attach a small motorcycle inside, this solution gives such an opportunity.
| custom – priced individually
By mounting 2 beds in the back, we can get sleeping places for 4 people. To make this possible, we have to choose a high base car like the Fiat Ducato L4H3 or lower the lower bed significantly. It is also possible to consider the option of easily removing the upper bed when it is not needed.
| custom – priced individually
If we choose to install a campervan bench, it is possible to unfold it into an additional bed. By turning the driver’s seat and lowering the table, we create a sleeping space for 1 adult or 2 children.
| custom – priced individually
Vannado Campervans are custom-made vehicles that we adapt to your needs. Depending on how many people you are traveling with, we can design completely custom solutions for sleeping in your campervan.
| custom – priced individually


Our electrical system is designed to give you complete independence. You don’t need to sleep on campsites – you can use all your devices while traveling off-the-grid. When you need to, you can connect to the mains and charge an additional battery or use devices with high power consumption inside the campervan. We have placed USB and 230V sockets inside the van, wherever they may be needed. You will find a total of 14 of them there, they will always be at hand.

230V and 12V installation

The electrical installation in Vannado campervans is made according to European standards. We have service access to the cables, it is also possible to install new devices in the future thanks to the place for routing additional wiring.
| standard
Standard installation is based on Victron components. It is equipped with modules that allow you to control and read parameters via the Victron Connect mobile application. It includes high and low voltage 12V fuses, 230V fuses, Victron Dongle (responsible for Multiplus bluetooth communication), Victron Multiplus 12/500/20, Victron Battery Protect (protects against excessive discharge of the battery by 12V devices).
| standard
Sockets that allow you to use 230V electricity (as we know it from home installations) and 12V USB. As a standard, we placed them near the table, in the kitchen and in the bedroom. A total of 6 sockets 230V and 6 sockets 12V.
| standard
The external power socket allows you to connect to the network at the campsite in order to recharge the battery and use the 230V network. In this way, we do not burden our internal electrical system, the on-board computer manages the 230V work supply to the sockets and the battery charger, and we can use all home appliances.
| standard
Central unit responsible for the 230V system. When you are not connected to the network, the built-in 400W converter converts the electricity from the battery into 230V household voltage. After connecting the camper to the external power supply, an automatic relay directs the electricity from the mains to your sockets in the camper. The relay also automatically turns on the 20A battery charger so that you have full batteries for your onward journey.
Victron Mulitplus with the power of:
– 400W converter, sufficient to connect a small laptop and a camera charger
– 20A charger sufficient to charge a large 200Ah battery in about 12 hours
Victron Mulitplus with the power of:
– 1000W converter, sufficient to connect a small mixer, laptop and camera charger
– a 50A charger sufficient to charge a large 200Ah battery in about 5 hours
| option – 277 EUR net / 341 EUR gross
Victron Mulitplus with the power of:
– 2500W converter, enough to connect a hair dryer, laptop and camera charger
– 80A charger sufficient to charge a large 200Ah battery in about 3 hours
| option – 1077 EUR net / 1325 EUR gross
We also create completely custom 230V power supply systems, we can choose the power of devices to your non-standard needs. We can also install custom sockets for your devices.
| custom – priced individually

Solar energy

Monocrystalline panel on a rigid aluminum frame with a power of 300W. Mounted with screws on rigid aluminum angles.
| standard
We want your campervan to be as energy independent as possible. Therefore, as a standard, we install the highest-class MPPT regulators, which lead to the entire solar system obtaining 20% to 30% more power than PWM regulators. This is especially important in cloudy weather and in winter. Additionally, you can connect to it via the Victron Connect application and read all the necessary data from the screen of your mobile phone.
| standard
Light panels are 4 times lighter than traditional panels. Especially recommended if we load the roof with additional equipment, such as air conditioning or a roof terrace. It is a necessary choice when installing a pop top roof and want to build a solar system.
| option – 390,9 EUR net / 480,8 EUR gross
We can design a solar system to build a small power plant on the roof. Larger panels or several connected panels can give us even 600W or more of power.
| custom – priced individually

Equipment and batteries

AGM batteries are completely maintenance-free and can be safely used in the campervan. They tolerate work in low temperatures well and high power consumption.
| standard
A larger version of the AGM battery. Its main disadvantage is its heavy weight, so for campervans with a long list of equipment and heavy components, we advise you to choose the LifePO4 200Ah instead.
| option – 273,2 EUR net / 336 EUR gross
Lithium battery with LifePO4 technology. It is very light, provides an ideal work culture for a campervan and up to 3000 deep discharge cycles. Works well under heavy loads and can be recharged very quickly. The option we recommend. The price includes replacing a Victron Cyrix battery isolator with a Victron Orion (suitable isolator for LifePO4 batteries)
| option – 595,5 EUR net / 732,4 EUR gross
For those who cannot live in a campervan without a lot of power. Lithium battery with LifePO4 technology with a capacity of 200Ah provides a very large reserve. If you work remotely, you have to rely on electricity, or you have chosen an electric water heating system, this option is the best for you. The price includes replacing a Victron Cyrix battery isolator with a Victron Orion (suitable isolator for LifePO4 batteries)
| option – 954,6 EUR net / 1174,1 EUR gross
The Victron Cyrix battery isolator allows you to charge an extra battery while driving. It enables charging only when the main starter battery is already charged, which guarantees that it will not be discharged.
| standard
Battery isolator suitable for LifePO4 batteries. Operated by bluetooth connection with the APP on your phone.
| option – included in “LifePo4 battery”
All Victron devices in 1 control panel. In addition to the fact that we have a complete set of information in a separate panel, we can also manage all devices through the Victron application.
| option – 686,36 EUR net / 844,23 EUR gross
We can combine batteries to increase their capacity and design a system ready for any challenge. If you have non-standard needs, we will select devices from the electrical system to meet them.
| custom – priced individually

Indoor lighting

The light is installed in each campervan, in the Vannado campervan there are additionally several zones regulated by a dimmer. This way you can save a lot of energy  and create a pleasant atmosphere inside your van. In total, we install from 8 to 12 lamps on the ceiling. The warm light of 3000K comfortably fills the interior.
| standard
There are over 120 combinations in which you can illuminate the campervan (not including the dimmer operation). We add additional lighting where it may be most needed or create the best atmosphere. It works like a medicine for long winter evenings during ski trips.
| standard
Reading lamp placed next to the bed – we can mount several of them, not only near the bed but, for example, at the table or around the kitchen. The lamp is equipped with a USB socket.
| option – 81,8 EUR net / 100,6 EUR gross
The luggage compartment in the trunk is large so additional LED lighting will be useful.
| standard
Because everyone has different habits, we will adjust the lighting to your individual needs. We can install many systems that differ in the mounting method, temperature of the light, its intensity, method of switching on or the design.
| custom – priced individually


You can go on a camper van trip alone or take your friends or family with you. Thanks to the possibility of adding additional seats, we can increase the number of places in the car so that you can all travel comfortably and safely.

It allows you to turn the driver’s or passenger’s seat. This way, we can sit in front of an additional seat at the back and have access to a table mounted between the seats. This device can most often be ordered by configuring a new car at a dealer. If this is impossible, we will select and install our solution.
| option – 226,14 EUR net / 278,15 EUR gross
We can replace the original seats with comfortable single campervan seats. Together, we will select the upholstery material and the seat model that best suits your car. The upholstery is a separate item in the catalog.
| custom – priced individually
It is a system of 2 separate seats installed on 1 frame attached to the car’s supporting structure. The seats have adjustable backrest inclination and adjustable forward-backward extension. Additionally, while driving, they can be moved apart, increasing the space for passengers. As a standard, they are not hemmed, thanks to which we can choose the material of the upholstery of all seats (including factory-made first-row seats). The price includes the cost of the documentation issued by the Motor Transport Institute – a necessary element to change the number of seats in the registration certificate. The upholstery is a separate item in the catalog.
| option – 2363,64 EUR net  / 2907,27 EUR gross
A campervan bench is a simpler version of the second row seats. It is less comfortable while traveling, but very convenient when stationary. Its biggest advantage is that it takes up less space in the campervan and that it can be converted into an extra bed. The price includes the cost of the documentation issued by the Motor Transport Institute – a necessary element to change the number of seats in the registration certificate. For the construction of the bed, a separate mattress should be prepared. The upholstery is a separate item in the catalog.
| option – 2079,55 EUR net / 2557,84 EUR gross
When we do not install homologated 2nd row seats, we have more freedom in using the space. We can build comfortable benches made of thick foam mattresses, under which we can put storage compartments or a water tank.
| custom – priced individually
Double swivel passenger bench, with tilt adjustment. Depending on the car model, we use different solutions. These can be entire benches with a turntable or turntables for factory benches. In both cases, 3 people can travel in front. The upholstery is a separate item in the catalog.
| custom – priced individually
Vannado is approved for design changes in almost all car models used in the production of campervans. Therefore, we can design and install any number of seats in almost any configuration.
| custom – priced individually


We take gas installations in our campervans very seriously. We use European standards and treat them as an indicator of the standard of our work. Therefore:

– We will build a separate compartment with a gas cylinder where all connections will be located.

– We will add seals and a ventilation grate in the floor. The gas is heavier than air, therefore, in the event of a failure, it will escape outside the vehicle without getting into the living area.

– We distribute gas only through copper pipes. We do not leave any flexible cables (except for the high pressure hose going from refueling to the Gasbank cylinder, but also in this case we follow the standards).

– After installation, we test the entire system with an approved sensor.

– We use gas distribution valves. Thanks to this, you can disconnect one device if you do not plan to use it or need to repair it.

– Every 50 cm, we attach the gas pipes to the surface with special rubber-coated fasteners.

– We only use heaters and boilers with double air ducts, so we do not burn oxygen in the van.

– The fill socket will be away from the vehicle windows.

– The cylinders are attached to the floor and to the wall, which ensures their maximum stability while driving.

Gas installation designed to connect a gas stove, gas boiler, Truma or Propex heating. Made according to the guidelines described in the introduction to this chapter.
| option – 354,55 EUR net / 436,1 EUR gross
11 kg cylinder with a refueling valve. GasBank, unlike standard LPG cylinders, has a built-in special valve that limits filling to 80%. This enables the safe refueling of LPG at any gas station throughout Europe. In addition, made of composites, it is as much as 40% lighter than traditional LPG gas cylinders.
| option – 318,2 EUR net / 391,4 EUR gross
A high-class reducer from a reputable company GOK. It has a valve that cuts off the gas supply during the tilting or opening of the gas system (e.g. during an accident).
| option – 193,2 EUR net / 237,6 EUR gross


Campervans give us independence, which is why in Vannado campervans we take care of proper insulation. Our mission is to create products that allow you to travel and live anywhere, at any time of the year.

The floor insulation is made of 25mm XPS; It is included in the element “sandwich campervan floor”.
| standard – included in another item
Wall and ceiling insulation is made of Armaflex rubber foam. It is a lightweight material that adheres well to the surface, prevents the formation of gaps, and thus thermal bridges, in which moisture can accumulate. Construction profiles are insulated with 3 mm foam and and walls and ceiling with 19 mm foam.
| standard


A small kitchen in which, thanks to clever solutions, you can store everything you need and use appliances that you have not dreamed of using in a campervan. If you cook a lot, we will adapt it to your needs and add custom equipment.

An essential option if you plan to cook in a car or install kitchen appliances. Standard furniture includes 2 open tables, 1 bar table and 2 drawers.
| standard
A table located behind the driver’s seat.
| standard
The table placed behind the driver’s seat. Mounted on a slide rail. Thanks to the foldable part, all passengers can use it.
| option – 79,55 EUR net / 97,84 EUR gross
Dometic MO 9722 is a sink integrated with a gas cooker. Both the sink and the cooker can be closed under a glass lid, thus increasing the working surface of your kitchen worktop. The cooker is equipped with an ignition device that is convenient to use.
| option – 559,1 EUR net / 687,7 EUR gross
[it is necessary to select ” gas system “]
Dometic HBG 2335, 2 – burner cooker with a glass lid. It can be hidden under the lid when you do not need it, increasing the surface of your worktop.
| option – 365,9 EUR net / 450,1 EUR gross
[it is necessary to select ” gas system “]
A gas cooker hidden in a drawer. There are versions with 1 burner and elegant 2 burner cookers folded in a metal cover.
| option – 290,9 EUR net / 357,8 EUR gross
A steel or ceramic sink as you know it from your home kitchen. In combination with the water system and gas boiler, it works in the same way as a domestic tap.
| standard
A compact compressor fridge, we like it for the fact that it is very efficient with its power. 30L is a compromise, but for almost everyone it is also enough capacity – after all, it is worth stocking up on local delicacies often.
| option – 965,9 EUR net / 1188,1 EUR gross
High-end Dometic refrigerator with double hinges. We mount it on the top of the kitchen, thanks to which you can comfortably use it both inside the vehicle and when cooking outside. By disassembling the freezer, you can easily increase its volume.
| option – 1454,55 EUR net / 1789,1 EUR gross
Granite dispenser for washing-up liquid or soap. Installed in such a place that it is easy to clean and refill. It will come out of our workshop filled with an ecological soap.
| option – 42,05 EUR net / 51,72 EUR gross
Dometic MWO 240 – adjusted to the campervan, it will improve mainly those kitchens in which we do not use the gas system.
| option – 420,45 EUR net / 517,16 EUR gross
A table that folds out towards the sliding door. Convenient when used under an awning or when cooking outdoors. We can also install the Lagun table here.
| option – 204,55 EUR net / 251,59 EUR gross
Mobile, removable table. Especially useful when you work with a laptop in bed or want to create a comfortable place to work from the passenger seat.
| option – 281,82 EUR net / 346,64 EUR gross
Dometic OV1800 gas oven. If you bake bread every day or want to feel like you are in your own kitchen, you don’t have to give it up while traveling.
| option – 1090,9 EUR net / 1341,8 EUR gross
Coffee machine powered by a 12V system, adapted to the campervan. Another element of home appliances that will make you feel like you are in a comfortable home kitchen.
| option – 147,73 EUR net / 181,7 EUR gross


We will use such solutions that will allow you to easily fit everything you need, despite the small space in the van

Using all the space in the platform under the table. The drawer extends 80 cm and can be used even when everyone is sitting at the table. You will have easy access to it both inside and outside the van, so you can conveniently store your shoes or an umbrella there.
| option – 368,2 EUR net / 452,9 EUR gross
The perfect place to store heavy items that you don’t use too often. Two hinged locker flaps closed with a yacht latch placed under the table.
| option – 284,1 EUR net / 349,4 EUR gross
You can choose up to 3 upper cabinets – above the bed, above the bed and the kitchen, and above the table and second-row seats. It is the perfect place to store small items that you should always have at hand. As standard, we install 2 cabinets – above the right side of the bed and the kitchen, and above the table and second-row seats.
| standard
Drawers 45 cm deep for storing clothes and other garments. The middle drawer is 10 cm shallower, creating a space for a comfortable step to the bed.
| option – 380,7 EUR net / 468,2 EUR gross
40×60 cm boxes are the perfect way to store sports equipment. You can sort the equipment in them, describe each box, thanks to which packing the car before the trip will become even easier and faster.
| option – 198,86 EUR net / 244,6 EUR gross
If you are planning a non-standard, tall fridge, we will install it here. We can design an unusual solution for your needs.
| custom – priced individually

Bathroom and toilet

Imagine returning to your van and taking a hot shower after surfing or skiing. Sounds like a dream, right? Thanks to the bathroom, water system and water heating system it is possible. If you prefer outdoor bathing, we can install an external shower in your van.

Behind the passenger seats there is a shower with hot water. We built it so that, despite the limited dimensions of the car, it is comfortable and reduces water consumption. We usually finish it in white with black accessories, black shower faucet, waterproof toilet paper holder, black cosmetics baskets. Place a wooden mat on the floor so as not to wet your feet when the floor has not had time to dry after the shower.
| option – 1000 EUR net / 1230 EUR gross
When you want to save space inside the vehicle or use a campervan shower only occasionally, we can install an external shower system. In combination with a hot water boiler, even at low temperatures, taking a shower will be comfortable. We also add a wooden mat to put in the fold-out cabin.
| option – 552,3 EUR net / 679,3 EUR gross
Installed in the bathroom or in a drawer (when there is no separate bathroom in the van), a portable toilet with a 9L tank. To empty it, the entire toilet must be moved outside the van.
| option – 140,9 EUR net / 173,3 EUR gross
The cassette toilet with electric flush is emptied from the outside of the car. By opening the service door in the side wall, you can easily take out the cassette and empty the waste. It is a bit more convenient way than a portable toilet. The toilet is equipped with a ceramic insert, making it easy to keep clean.
| option – 1000 EUR net / 1230 EUR gross


There are two heating systems: gas and diesel from the car’s tank. The choice between them depends on where and under what conditions you will be traveling. We will build this system so that you can travel all year round, also for winter trips to the mountains. Each system is equipped with a convenient control panel and a thermostat that adjusts the temperature to your needs.

Gas heating – Propex HS2000 is a British gas heater dedicated to motorhomes. It has a thermostat and a digital display, thanks to which we can precisely set the temperature in the heated room. The exhaust gases are discharged under the floor of the vehicle.
| option – 760,23 EUR net / 935,1 EUR gross
[it is necessary to select ” gas system “]
Diesel heating – Ebespacher heater independent of the gas system. We connect it to the car’s fuel tank. Depending on where you travel, it can give you more independence from the gas system. However, it does have some drawbacks to gas heating, including odorous exhaust fumes.
| option – 981,82 EUR net / 1207,64 EUR gross
Gas heating + boiler. Its power in heating mode is up to 4000W. We can also optionally install a non-standard 4E device with an additional electric heater.
| option – 2254,55 EUR net / 2773,1 EUR gross
[it is necessary to select “gas system “]
Diesel heating + boiler. Very efficient heating of air and water with fuel from the car’s fuel tank. It allows you to resign from the gas system, thus ensuring independence in those places where there is no convenient access to gas.
| option – 3340,9 EUR net / 4109,3 EUR gross
Gas boiler – Propex Malaga E is a highly efficient water heater. It has a gas burner and an electric heating element with a power of 750W (available when connected to an external electrical network). It ensures complete independence and very fast water heating at a campsite.
| option – 731,82 EUR net / 900,14 EUR gross
[it is necessary to select “gas system”]
Electric boiler – Even with the most powerful electrical system, the use of the electric boiler is very limited. However, in a campervan without a shower or when you are staying at a campsite and you have the option of connecting to a socket, the electric boiler has many advantages. This solution allows you to resign from the gas system completely and it works silently.
| option – 636,36 EUR net / 782,73 EUR gross
Connecting the heating outlet to the bathroom. Thanks to this, we not only increase the comfort, but also create a space for drying ski equipment or surfing wetsuits.
| option – 136,36 EUR net / 167,73 EUR gross
Connecting the heating outlet to the sliding door – one of the main places of heat loss.
| option – 136,36 EUR net / 167,73 EUR gross
We mount the heating outlet at the bottom of the trunk, next to the rear door, which is one of the main places of heat loss. The air rises to the bed and evenly heats the entire campervan.
| option – 102,27 EUR net / 125,8 EUR gross


In each house, windows provide natural light and ventilation on warmer days. In the van, you can also admire sunrises and sunsets and the starry sky at night, when you are away from civilization. There are many possible solutions regarding the number and arrangement of windows – we will choose the one that best suits your needs.

Dometic S4 window 100x50cm or 90x55cm made of double acrylic. Opened from the top, thanks to which you can ventilate the space inside the motorhome even during rain. The built-in roller blind will provide you with privacy and the mosquito net will protect against insects.
| standard
Dometic S4 window with dimensions of 100x50cm or 90x55cm.
| standard
Replacing the Dometic S4 wall window at the table or in the sliding door with a larger window with dimensions of 110 x 55 cm.
| option – 131,82 EUR net / 162,14 EUR gross
Dometic S4 wall window with dimensions of approximately 70×30 cm in the bedroom. We mount them in the side wall at the height of the bed. You can choose 2 such windows, 1 on each side.
| option – 625 EUR net / 768,75 EUR gross
A Dometic S4 wall window with dimensions of 50 x 50 cm. We install them in the rear door at the height of the bed. You can choose 2 such windows, 1 on each side.
| option – 551,14 EUR net / 677,9 EUR gross
A Dometic window, installed in a bedroom or a dining room with dimensions of 40×40 cm. It is equipped with a mosquito net and a roller blind.
| standard
A Dometic window with dimensions of 40×40 cm installed in a bedroom or a dining room or a window with dimensions of 28×28 cm installed in the bathroom. It is equipped with a mosquito net and a roller blind.
| option – 240,9 EUR net / 296,3 EUR gross
Roof windows that let in two times more light than standard windows. We strongly recommend this option, it will optically enlarge the interior of your campervan.
| option – 359,1 EUR net / 441,68 EUR gross
A set of blinds covering the windshield and the side windows in the cab. Dedicated to Fiat Ducato / Citroen Jumper / Peugeot Boxer. Other solutions are available in other models.
| option – 795,45 EUR net / 978,41 EUR gross

Ventilation and air conditioning

Are you planning to travel to warm places with your van? We will help you choose a ventilation or air conditioning system that will allow you to enjoy the comfort inside the van, even when it is hot outside.

Air conditioning ideal for 12V electrical installations used in motorhomes. It is very effective, thanks to which, by installing a powerful solar system, you can also use it without being connected to the grid.
| option – 1913,64 EUR net / 2353,77 EUR gross
Dometic FreshJet air conditioning with 2200 cooling capacity. Best for camping use, warms you on cold days and cools you on hot days. Installed on the roof, it does not take up any space inside the van.
| option – 2318,18 EUR net / 2851,36 EUR gross
Air conditioning with outlets distributed around the van. When connected to an external 230V network, it can also be used as heating. Installed inside the vehicle, it lowers the center of gravity, but takes up the luggage space.
| option – 1769,1 EUR net/ 2176 EUR gross
The roof window with the Fiamma Turbo Vent fan enables air exchange in your campervan. Thanks to an effective fan, it changes the air in a few seconds. You can set it to blow the air in or out and adjust the speed of the fan. The fan is also equipped with a temperature controller, thanks to which it will take care of ideal conditions at night.
| option – 225 EUR net / 276,75 EUR gross

Water system

We have designed the water system to provide you with the greatest possible independence. We increase the efficiency of the optional water heating by insulating the pipes and using an additional 750W heater in the gas boiler. Standard 80 liters can be replaced with larger tanks.

Water system containing:
1 – pressure pump – thanks to it, we create a system that resembles that of a home installation. We can use taps with gradual regulation of water flow.
2 – Refueling the water tank through the external inlet – The inlet with vent installed in the wall of the van will allow you to refuel with water using a hose. The lockable lid prevents unwanted substances from getting into the tank.
3 – Gray water tank 80L – Gray water tank for drains from the shower and sink, with a capacity of 80 liters. We mount it under the chassis, saving space inside the van and slightly lowering the center of gravity. It is equipped with an inspection, thanks to which you can conveniently clean it after the season or check the system indicating the level of water inside (additional equipment).
4 – Clean water tank – A tank with a capacity of 80 liters installed inside the vehicle. Its location allows for quick inspection, seasonal cleaning or inspection of the water level control system (optional)
| standard
The float installed inside the tank, connected to the analog display, indicates the water level. We can install it in the clean or grey water tank. We can also install it in both tanks so you can have full control of the liquid level in your van.
| standard
The water filtration system is especially useful when we travel far from civilization or in tropical climate. The possibilities are endless and they differ significantly from each other in terms of filtration efficiency. We will design a system that suits your needs.
| option – 618,18 EUR net / 760,36 EUR gross

Practical additions

Customize your van with accessories that best suit your travel style. There will be something for fans of long stops in the shade of the awning, as well as for those who prefer to admire the views from the roof terrace.

DOMETIC PR2000 / PW1100 in black. Large, lightweight awning. The posts are mounted to the ground or, when more convenient, to the walls of the car.
| option – 1036,36 EUR net / 1274,73 EUR gross
Illumination of the awning along its entire length. A conveniently located switch allows you to adjust the power of lighting without entering the campervan.
|option – 209,1 EUR net / 257,2 EUR gross
Black roof terrace lined with perforated metal sheets. On it, we will install solar panels, mounts for sports equipment. When you need a better perspective to admire the views, you can go upstairs and enjoy the free space.
| custom – priced individually
We weld steel tubing ladders, galvanize them and paint them with raptor or powder. Even if we do not install a roof terrace, the ladder is a necessary accessory to get to the roof and mount sports equipment on the beams or clean the solar panels.
| option – 352,27 EUR net / 433,3 EUR gross
Thule electric step that makes it easier to enter the campervan.
| option – 550 EUR net / 676,5 EUR gross
2 airline strips on the trunk floor and 1 on the top of the side walls. We can choose mountings for the rails depending on what kind of luggage and sports equipment you intend to transport in it.
| option – 295,45 EUR net / 363,4 EUR gross
1 pocket on the rear door or in the trunk. Perfect for all important things that must be at hand.
| option – 63,64 EUR net / 78,27 EUR gross
A shovel, a hacksaw, an ax and a knife with a sharpener. Mounted on the rear door so you always have it at hand.
| option – 147,73 EUR net / 181,7 EUR gross
MTT system with 2 independent pressure gauges. It increases driving comfort, stability and improves the handling of the loaded car. It slightly helps to level the campervan.
| option – 568,18 EUR net / 698,86 EUR gross


Do you want your van to be an ideal base for outdoor sports? We can use a number of solutions that will allow you to conveniently transport and service sports equipment.

The compressor with a capacity of 6L and a pressure of 8bar with an additional pressure gauge is mounted in the trunk. In addition to inflating the car’s wheels, it will be useful for cleaning sports equipment and inflating bicycle wheels. An independent additional exit can also be installed in sliding doors.
| option – 295,45 EUR net / 363,41 EUR gross
A spiral hose washer mounted on the rear door. Thanks to it, you can take a shower in the open air or clean sports equipment.
| option – 204,6 EUR net / 251,6 EUR gross
Mounts for attaching surfboards or other light equipment inside the car. Alternatively, they can be replaced by airline rails.
| option – 142 EUR net / 174,7 EUR gross
The most convenient way to transport windsurfing and surfing equipment is on the roof. However, it is good to hide it inside for longer journeys.
| custom – priced individually
Whether you prefer cross-country skis, freeride skis or short slalom skis, we will design a solution tailored to your car. The possibility of transporting the equipment safely inside the car will make a skiing trip more enjoyable. Do not forget to add heating in the bathroom to dry your ski boots and other equipment there.
| custom – priced individually
We can build a motorcycle ramp mounted under a high bed or in combination with a panel structure of a folding bed.
| custom – priced individually
We climb, surf, ride enduro, motorbikes, bicycles, spend every weekend in the outdoors. That is why we like to design our campers in such a way that they meet your expectations regarding the transport of sports equipment. We will make a project tailored to your crazy ideas.
| custom – priced individually


For those who at some point in their journey will want to change from 4 wheels to 2 wheels, we provide convenient solutions that will enable the transport of bicycles and their servicing in a van.

A rack for 2 bicycles attached to the rear door. Together, we will choose a model of a rack for your bike. We can also make a hook rack that can transport electric bikes.
| option – 602,3 EUR net / 740,8 EUR gross
Installed inside, on the rear door, the mount will allow you to hang the bike at a comfortable height. Similar solutions are used in bicycle services. Thanks to this, you will be able to conveniently adjust the gears and make the basic service of the bike in the field. We can also install holders for your favorite bicycle tools on the door.
| option – 237,5 EUR net / 292,1 EUR gross
Mount for the bicycle fork on the airline rail placed under the bed. This allows you to hide your bikes inside and keep them securely attached during the journey.
| option – 318,2 EUR net / 391,4 EUR gross


In our vans, we have provided a number of additional solutions to increase the level of safety, so that you can always feel comfortable while travelling.

Safe where you can fit 2 laptops, a camera and other small items. These are some extra kilos (exactly 7.8 kg), however, it significantly increases the safety of your valuable luggage.
| option – 225 EUR net / 276,75 EUR gross
The TriGas sensor warns of a dangerous concentration of propane and butane, pepper gas (KO) and narcogas (KO-Gas). Equipped with a high sensitivity detector and a loud siren of over 80 dB.
| option – 146,6 EUR net / 180,3 EUR gross
Potassium fire extinguisher is much more efficient than foam or powder extinguishers. It’s also so small you can have it conveniently mounted so it’s always at hand. We recommend installing 2 fire extinguishers – above the kitchen and in the trunk.
| option – 63,6 EUR net / 78,3 EUR gross


Do you need fast internet in your van for remote work or you want to enjoy your favorite music in good quality wherever you are? Together, we will select additional solutions related to electronics in your van. We can also install a camera and parking sensors for more comfortable driving and maneuvers.

A reversing camera is a necessary equipment in every campervan. If your car does not have it factory-installed, it is worth adding it.
| custom – priced individually
External wifi antenna working as a repeater. You can use it by adding your own modem to improve the Internet coverage inside the campervan.
| option – 186,3 EUR net / 229,23 EUR gross


Thanks to additional solutions, such as off-road tires or external LED lighting, your van will cope even better on less traveled roads and camping in nature, away from civilization.

The LED rear lights will help with parking off-road, as well as packing the trunk in the dark woods. They are connected to a separate switch, thanks to which they will not blind anyone on the road and in the city.
| option – 279,55 EUR net / 343,84 EUR gross
LED strip mounted above the windshield, powered by an additional battery. A solution taken from 4×4 cars and vans. Indispensable when we are looking for a place to camp after dark.
| option – 284,1 EUR net / 349,4 EUR gross
The external mounting of the spare wheel allows you to use the space under the car. It is also necessary if we choose such large wheels and tires that they do not fit into the factory mounts. We will design a system compatible with the roof ladder and bicycle mounts.
| custom – priced individually
Off-road tires significantly improve off-road characteristics even in front-wheel drive cars such as the classic Fiat Ducato. When selecting tire parameters, we take into account that you will travel most of the distance on asphalt, but when you need extra grip, they will be very useful. Apart from their obvious advantages, they will add character to your campervan.
| custom – priced  individually
In every campervan, painting the rims black adds character, it looks good with both serial and off-road tires.
| opcja – 277,3 EUR net / 341 EUR gross

The Vannado catalog is valid until August 30 and is informative. We will prepare a detailed pricing at the design stage after selecting all components and the base car.


Choose some of the options you need. Here we start planning your campervan.

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